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Remito – A Complete Remittance Solution


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Remito offers a comprehensive remittance solution built on PHP Laravel, ensuring reliability, security, and efficiency in money transfers. This script is designed as a trusted service for sending money internationally to family and friends, enabling recipients to pick up cash without incurring fees. It’s a feature-rich platform facilitating seamless, secure, and hassle-free transactions.

Key Features:

  • Transfer Invoice: Generate invoices for each transfer, ensuring clarity and record-keeping.
  • 35+ Automatic Payment Gateways: Wide-ranging payment options for user convenience.
  • Transfer History: Comprehensive record of all transactions for easy tracking and reference.
  • User Notification System: Keep users informed with updates and alerts about their transactions.
  • Dynamic Contents: Customizable content for personalized user experiences.
  • Profile and Password Update: User-centric features allowing easy management of personal details.
  • User Management: Efficient handling of user accounts and activities.
  • Powerful Admin and User Interface: Intuitive and robust interfaces for both administrators and users.
  • Coupon Code: Integration of discount codes for promotional purposes.
  • Managing Sending Purpose: Option to categorize and manage purposes for sending money.
  • User-friendly: Easy-to-navigate interface for smooth user interactions.
  • Email Configuration: Configurable email settings for personalized communication.
  • Agent Panel: Dedicated panel for agents to manage transactions and services.
  • SMS Template Management: Customizable SMS templates for communication purposes.
  • 2FA Security: Two-factor authentication for enhanced account security.
  • Local Bank Payment: Facilitates transactions through local banking systems for convenience.
  • Support Ticket: Feature for users to raise and track support requests.
  • Transfer by Agent: Ability to facilitate transfers through authorized agents.
  • And More: Additional functionalities to enhance the overall remittance experience.

Remito is a robust solution that caters to both users and administrators, ensuring a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for international money transfers, with a plethora of features to facilitate various aspects of the remittance process.



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