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Xaxino – Ultimate Casino Platform PHP & Laravel Script

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Xaxino is the ultimate casino platform PHP script that combines number prediction, casino games, and guessing features all in one platform. It allows users to predict real-time numbers anytime and anywhere they prefer. Built with Laravel, Xaxino offers a seamless and dynamic experience for both administrators and users, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to launch their own online prediction or casino website.

Main Features:

  • Live Chat: Engage with users in real-time through a live chat feature, enhancing the interactive experience.
  • 20+ Payment Gateways: Accept payments from a wide range of sources, providing flexibility for users to choose their preferred payment method.
  • 250+ Currencies: Support for multiple currencies ensures accessibility for users from various regions around the globe.
  • Several Predictors Included: Enjoy a variety of prediction games to keep users entertained and engaged.
  • Simple and Dynamic Features: User-friendly interface with dynamic features that are easy to navigate and utilize.
  • Bets Management: Efficiently manage bets placed by users within the platform.
  • Fixed and Percentage-based Charges: Customize charges for transactions based on fixed rates or percentage-based fees.
  • User Profile: Users can create and manage their profiles, personalizing their experience within the platform.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal History: Keep track of all deposit and withdrawal transactions for transparency and accountability.
  • Subscribers Management: Manage subscribers efficiently to keep them updated with the latest news and promotions.
  • Multi-language Support: Reach a broader audience by providing support for multiple languages.
  • Email, SMS Notification, and Verification: Keep users informed with timely notifications via email and SMS, and ensure secure account verification processes.
  • Referral Management: Encourage user engagement and growth through a referral management system.
  • Manage Templates: Customize the platform’s appearance and layout to suit your branding and preferences.
  • Support Ticket: Provide prompt assistance to users with a support ticket system, ensuring timely resolution of issues.
  • SEO Manager: Optimize the platform for search engines to enhance visibility and attract more users.
  • And more: Xaxino offers a range of additional features and functionalities to cater to the needs of both administrators and users, ensuring a comprehensive and enjoyable gaming experience.


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