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Isshue – Multi Store eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution


Isshue is a robust and comprehensive Multi-Store eCommerce solution designed to streamline the management of online businesses. This all-in-one package offers a feature-rich website management system complete with a powerful backend admin panel. With a focus on efficiency, security, and flexibility, Isshue provides the tools necessary for seamless inventory management, order processing, product management, invoicing, and more.

Key Features:

  • Fast and Secure:
    • Ensures swift performance and robust security measures to safeguard your eCommerce platform.
  • Built-in Marketing Tools:
    • Integrated marketing tools to help you promote your products and engage with your target audience effectively.
  • POS System:
    • Point-of-sale system for efficient in-store transactions, making it ideal for both online and physical retail environments.
  • Multiple Store Management:
    • Easily manage multiple stores from a centralized platform, streamlining operations and ensuring consistency across all outlets.
  • Vendor Management:
    • Comprehensive vendor management system to effectively collaborate with and manage various suppliers.
  • Tax Setting:
    • Flexible tax settings to comply with regional tax regulations and simplify the taxation process.
  • Supplier Management System:
    • Efficiently manage and coordinate with suppliers to maintain a seamless supply chain.
  • 3+ Demo:
    • Offers multiple demo options to showcase the versatility and adaptability of the eCommerce solution.
  • Android App Integration:
    • Seamless integration with Android applications for enhanced accessibility and mobile management.
  • Diverse Payment Options:
    • Accept payments through various methods, including cash, PayPal, Payeer, Bitcoin, Visa, and MasterCard, ensuring convenience for customers.
  • SEO Friendly:
    • Implements search engine optimization best practices to enhance visibility and improve search engine rankings.
  • Currency Management:
    • Flexible currency management to accommodate international transactions and cater to a global customer base.
  • Import Products (CSV):
    • Streamlines the product import process through CSV files, making it convenient to add and update products in bulk.
  • Brand Filtering:
    • Enables easy product navigation and search with brand filtering options.
  • And More:
    • Additional features designed to enhance the overall eCommerce experience, providing a comprehensive solution for business growth and efficiency.

Isshue stands as a complete eCommerce business management solution, offering a user-friendly experience for both administrators and customers. With its diverse set of features, it addresses the key aspects of running a successful online business while maintaining flexibility and scalability.

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