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Active eCommerce Flutter App – Source Code


The Active eCommerce Flutter App is an advanced mobile application designed to seamlessly integrate with the Active eCommerce CMS. This app is crafted to provide a comprehensive and engaging shopping experience for users on both Android and iOS platforms. By leveraging the robust capabilities of Flutter, the app ensures a smooth and responsive user interface, making it easier for customers to browse, search, and purchase products. If you haven’t yet acquired the Active eCommerce CMS, click here for purchasing.

Main Features

  • Dynamic Slider Section:Create visually appealing, dynamic sliders to highlight featured products, special offers, and promotions.
  • Top Categories:Showcase the most popular product categories to help users quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • Top Categories and Featured Categories:Emphasize both top and featured categories for better visibility and user navigation.
  • Android and iOS:The app is designed to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, ensuring a broad reach.
  • Advanced Product Search:Enable users to find products efficiently with advanced search functionalities.
  • Advanced Product Sorting Option:Allow customers to sort products based on various criteria like price, popularity, and rating for an enhanced shopping experience.
  • Smart Image Gallery:Provide a smart image gallery feature to display multiple images of products, enhancing the visual appeal and detail.
  • Related Product Presentation:Suggest related products to customers, encouraging additional purchases and increasing sales.
  • Seller Chatting:Facilitate direct communication between customers and sellers through an integrated chat feature.
  • Customer Login and Registration:Simplify the user onboarding process with easy login and registration options.
  • Social Login:Allow users to sign in using their social media accounts for a faster and more convenient login process.
  • Wishlist and Wallet History:Enable customers to save their favorite products to a wishlist and keep track of their wallet transactions.
  • Customer Profile:Provide a detailed customer profile section where users can manage their personal information and preferences.
  • Top Selling Products:Highlight top-selling products to attract customer attention and drive sales.
  • And More:The app includes many additional features designed to enhance the overall eCommerce experience for both sellers and customers.

This Flutter app is an essential tool for anyone using the Active eCommerce CMS, offering a mobile-first approach to online retail that can help businesses stay competitive in the fast-paced world of eCommerce.

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