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TicketGo – Support Ticket System PHP & Laravel Script


TicketGo is a robust and well-designed Support Ticket System built on PHP, providing a seamless ticket management experience for clients, customers, and end-users. With accessibility for multiple agents and administrators, this tool is indispensable for efficiently handling and resolving tickets.

Key Features:

  • Search Tickets:
    • Efficiently search and retrieve tickets based on various criteria, streamlining the ticket resolution process.
  • Easy Ticket Generation:
    • Simplified ticket creation process ensures users can effortlessly raise issues or inquiries, contributing to a user-friendly experience.
  • Effective Dashboard:
    • A comprehensive dashboard provides a quick overview of ticket status, priorities, and other essential metrics, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Awesome Member Profile:
    • Users benefit from personalized member profiles, creating a more engaging and tailored experience within the ticketing system.
  • Multiple Agents for Query Resolution:
    • Collaborate with multiple agents simultaneously to expedite query resolution and provide comprehensive support.
  • User-Agent Chat Feature:
    • Foster direct communication between users and agents through an integrated chat system, promoting real-time interaction for prompt issue resolution.
  • Ticket Form:
    • A well-structured ticket form ensures that users provide all necessary details when submitting a ticket, minimizing back-and-forth communication.
  • Maintaining Personal Notes:
    • Agents can attach personal notes to each ticket, enabling seamless internal communication and knowledge sharing among support staff.
  • SEO Friendly:
    • The system is designed to be search engine optimized, ensuring maximum visibility and accessibility for users and potential clients.
  • Manage Members:
    • Administrators can efficiently manage user accounts and permissions, enhancing security and control over the support system.
  • Knowledge Base Module:
    • A dedicated knowledge base module allows for the creation and management of a repository of helpful articles and resources for users.
  • Multiple Language Support:
    • Serve a diverse user base by offering the system in multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.
  • Fully Responsive Website and Admin Panel:
    • Enjoy a seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices with a fully responsive design for the website and admin panel.
  • Email Notification:
    • Keep users and agents informed with automatic email notifications, ensuring timely updates on ticket status and resolutions.
  • And More:
    • The system includes additional features to enhance user experience, streamline operations, and ensure a comprehensive ticket management solution.

TicketGo is a versatile and feature-rich Support Ticket System that empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer support while efficiently managing and resolving tickets.

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