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FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce Plugin


FOX, formerly known as WOOCS, is a comprehensive WooCommerce Multi Currency Switcher plugin designed to enhance the shopping experience on your WooCommerce store. This plugin enables your site visitors to switch product prices between different currencies in real-time, based on the preferences set by the shop admin. Customers can also complete their purchases in their selected currency, making transactions smoother and more user-friendly.

Main Features:

  • Multi-Currency Switcher: Allow your customers to switch between multiple currencies seamlessly, enhancing their shopping experience by displaying prices in their preferred currency.
  • Geo IP Rules: Automatically detect the visitor’s location and set the default currency based on their geographic location using Geo IP rules.
  • Manage Prices Based on User Role: Customize product prices based on the user roles. This feature is especially useful for offering different prices to wholesalers, retailers, or other specific groups of customers.
  • Payments Rules: Define specific rules for how payments should be processed based on the selected currency, ensuring a streamlined checkout process.
  • Manage Checkout by Selected Currency: Ensure that the entire checkout process, from cart to payment, is handled in the currency chosen by the customer, reducing any confusion or discrepancies.
  • Smart Designer: Utilize the smart designer tool to customize the appearance of the currency switcher to match your store’s design and branding seamlessly.
  • Set Custom Money Signs: Create and assign custom money signs for various currencies to make the pricing display more intuitive and localized for your customers.
  • Price Formatting: Configure price formatting options to ensure that currency values that align with customer expectations are displayed clearly and professionally.
  • Select Currency Exchange Rate Server: Choose from different currency exchange rate servers to get your store’s most accurate and up-to-date exchange rates.
  • Currency Link: Generate specific URLs that include the selected currency, allowing you to direct customers to a particular currency view of your store.
  • Currency Switching Statistic: Access detailed statistics on how often each currency is selected by your customers, providing valuable insights into their preferences.
  • Currencies Visibility: Manage the visibility of different currencies on your store, choosing to show or hide currencies as needed.
  • And More: Benefit from a wide array of additional features designed to optimize the multi-currency functionality of your WooCommerce store.

With FOX – Currency Switcher Professional for WooCommerce, you can provide a more versatile and user-friendly shopping experience, catering to an international customer base with ease.

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