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Deskzai – Customer Support System | Helpdesk | Support Ticket.


Deskzai is a powerful, web-based customer support solution meticulously crafted using the Laravel framework. Designed to streamline customer service operations, this feature-rich platform offers a versatile toolkit that enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of support teams. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Deskzai empowers you to provide exceptional customer service with ease.

Key Features:

  • Knowledge Base:
    • Create and maintain informative articles to empower businesses and customers alike.
  • Emails to Tickets:
    • Seamlessly convert customer emails into support tickets, ensuring no communication is overlooked.
  • Ticket Portal:
    • Provide customers with a user-friendly portal to submit and track their support tickets.
  • AI Ticket Reply and Collision Detection:
    • Automate responses using AI to save time, and prevent overlap in agent responses with collision detection.
  • Ticket Notes:
    • Enable agents to add detailed notes to tickets for enhanced collaboration and comprehensive issue resolution.
  • Instant Reply:
    • Enhance customer satisfaction with instant replies, ensuring timely and efficient support.
  • Tag Adding System:
    • Organize and categorize tickets efficiently with a robust tagging system.
  • Agent Rating:
    • Measure and improve the performance of support agents through a comprehensive rating system.
  • Roles and Permissions:
    • Customize access levels with roles and permissions, ensuring data security and privacy.
  • Announcements:
    • Keep both agents and customers informed with important announcements and updates.
  • ChatGPT API:
    • Integrate the power of ChatGPT for intelligent and context-aware customer interactions.
  • Live Notification:
    • Stay updated in real-time with live notifications for new tickets, responses, and important events.
  • Two-Factor Authentication:
    • Strengthen security measures with two-factor authentication for enhanced account protection.
  • Dark Mode:
    • Optimize the user experience with a sleek and eye-friendly dark mode option.
  • And More:
    • Explore additional features that contribute to a seamless and comprehensive customer support experience.

Deskzai is not just a customer support system; it’s a complete solution that brings efficiency, automation, and intelligence to your support processes. Elevate your customer service game with Deskzai and ensure unparalleled support for your valued customers.

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