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  • iOS Apps SourceGoair – Ticket Booking App UI Kit

    Goair – Ticket Booking App UI Kit

    LIVE PREVIEWBUY FOR $29 Goair is a comprehensive and versatile Ticket Booking App UI Kit designed for mobile applications. With its modern and user-friendly design, Goair simplifies the process of creating a visually appealing and functional ticket booking app for various travel and transportation services. Goair offers a wide range of pre-designed screens and components that cover every aspect of…

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  • iOS Apps SourceQerza – Job Portal iOS App Design Figma Template

    Qerza – Job Portal iOS App Design Figma Template

    LIVE PREVIEWBUY FOR $12 The Qerza iOS app design Figma template is a comprehensive and visually appealing solution for designing a modern job portal application. Whether you’re building a platform to connect job seekers with employers or creating a recruitment app for your organization, this template provides a solid foundation for crafting a seamless and user-friendly job search experience. With…

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  • iOS Apps SourceTanam – Clean Grocery iOS App Design Template Figma

    Tanam – Clean Grocery iOS App Design Template Figma

    LIVE PREVIEWBUY FOR $12 Tanam is a clean and visually appealing iOS app design template specifically created for grocery shopping and delivery applications. Built using Figma, a popular design tool, Tanam provides a comprehensive solution for designing a user-friendly and visually captivating mobile app that enhances the grocery shopping experience. With its clean design aesthetic, intuitive layouts, and carefully crafted…

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