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Smart School : School Management System

Smart School is a comprehensive school management system built using PHP scripting language. It’s designed to streamline and automate various administrative tasks within educational institutions, catering to the needs of schools from student enrollment to departure. With over 30 modules and support for 8 different user roles including Super Admin, Admin, Accountant, Teacher, Receptionist, Librarian, Parent, and Student, Smart School offers a modern solution for educational institutions of all sizes.

Main Features:

  • Responsive Design: Ensures optimal viewing and interaction experience across various devices.
  • Multiuser Account System: Supports multiple user roles with distinct permissions and access levels.
  • Profile System: Allows users to manage their personal information and preferences within the system.
  • Powerful Fees Collection Module: Facilitates efficient and organized collection of student fees.
  • Examination Module: Manages the entire examination process from scheduling to result publication.
  • Transport Management: Helps in managing transportation services for students.
  • One Click Attendance: Simplifies the attendance tracking process with a single click functionality.
  • Student Fees Management: Provides tools for comprehensive management of student fees.
  • Front CMS: Offers a content management system for managing the school’s website directly from the Smart School platform.
  • Certificate Print: Enables the printing of various certificates directly from the system.
  • Database Backup and Restore: Ensures data security and integrity by allowing regular backups and easy restoration.
  • Student Full Details: Stores and manages comprehensive details of each student.
  • Chart and Graph Analysis in Fees: Provides visual analysis tools for fee-related data.
  • Exam Marks Management: Manages and tracks students’ exam marks efficiently.
  • Transport, Library, Hostel Management: Comprehensive modules for managing various aspects of school facilities.
  • Internal Messaging: Facilitates communication among users within the system.
  • Mobile SMS Gateway Integration: Enables communication with stakeholders via SMS directly from the system.
  • Manual and Online Payment: Supports both manual and online payment methods for fees and other transactions.
  • And More: Smart School offers additional features to enhance the efficiency and functionality of school management processes
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