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Markhost App is a comprehensive solution to streamline and automate your web hosting business. Whether you’re managing hosting accounts, billing clients, or configuring servers, Markhost offers everything you need to run your web hosting venture efficiently. Our solution provides seamless integration with leading servers, cPanel, and Namecheap, ensuring your operations run smoothly and effortlessly.

Main Features:

  • Admin Panel: A robust and user-friendly admin panel for managing all aspects of your web hosting business.
  • Front-Website: An attractive, responsive front-end website to showcase your services and attract clients.
  • Android Mobile App: Manage your web hosting business on the go with our dedicated Android app.
  • Billing Setting: Comprehensive billing settings to automate and manage your invoicing and payment processes.
  • Client Management: Efficient tools for managing client information, services, and billing.
  • Service Section: Manage and configure various hosting services effortlessly.
  • Support Ticket Management: Integrated support ticket system to handle client inquiries and issues efficiently.
  • Page Management: Easily manage and customize the content of your website pages.
  • Coupon System: Create and manage discount coupons to attract and retain clients.
  • Domain Pricing/TLDS Configuration: Configure domain pricing and manage Top-Level Domain (TLD) settings.
  • Server Configuration: Seamless integration and configuration of servers to automate account creation and management.
  • Order and Invoice Management: Streamline order processing and invoice generation for efficient financial management.
  • Report Option: Generate detailed reports to gain insights into your business performance.
  • Template Management: Customize the look and feel of your website with easy-to-use template management tools.
  • FAQ Section: Provide clients with answers to common questions through a dedicated FAQ section.
  • Service Categories: Organize your hosting services into categories for easier navigation and management.
  • And More: Additional features designed to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your web hosting business.

Markhost App is designed to simplify and automate the complexities of running a web hosting business, allowing you to focus on growing your client base and providing top-notch service.

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