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HiTech – University Management System, Institute And College

HiTech is a comprehensive and intelligent Academic Management Software designed to cater to the needs of universities, colleges, institutes, training centers, and educational academies. Whether your institution operates on semesters, trimesters, quadmesters, or yearly sessions, HiTech provides a perfect solution for managing the entire academic lifecycle, from admission to graduation. This feature-rich software ensures seamless administration, efficient academic planning, and streamlined communication.

Main Features:

  • Fully Configurable Dynamic System: HiTech offers a flexible and customizable system to adapt to the unique needs of your institution, allowing for easy configuration based on changing requirements.
  • Online Student Application Form: Streamline the admission process with an online application form, making it convenient for prospective students to apply.
  • Admissions Process Handling: Manage the entire admissions process efficiently, from initial application to final enrollment.
  • Student Registration and Educational Information: Capture and organize comprehensive educational information about each student for effective academic planning.
  • Student ID Card Printing and Password Email Functions: Generate student ID cards and facilitate secure access by sending password emails.
  • Student Transfer In and Out: Simplify student transfers within the institution or to external entities with an easy transfer management system.
  • Student Attendance Tracking and Reports: Monitor student attendance on a subject-wise basis and generate detailed reports for analysis.
  • Promotion of Students: Seamlessly promote students to the next academic session based on their performance.
  • Student Leave Management System: Efficiently handle student leave requests and maintain a leave management system.
  • Course Add-Drop for Open Credit System: Enable students to manage their course selections with an open credit system.
  • Alumni Students Record Management: Maintain a comprehensive record of alumni for networking and historical reference.
  • Academy Modules Management: Manage program, batch, session, and other academy-specific modules for effective organization.
  • Classroom and Course Management: Organize and manage classrooms, courses, and their assignments.
  • Class and Exam Routine Setup: Create and print class and exam routines for effective planning.
  • Exam Type and Grading System Configuration: exam types and grading systems to align with your institution’s standards.
  • Admit Card Configuration and Printing: Customize and print admit cards for students appearing in exams.
  • Result Processing and Transcript Generation: Process results and generate transcripts for comprehensive academic records.
  • Fee Collection and Management: Dynamic fee collection manager with fine and discount rules, receipt configuration, and print options.
  • Staff Attendance and Payroll: Track staff attendance and manage payroll with automated salary generation.
  • Notice Board and Communication: Maintain a notice board for students and notify them through email or SMS.
  • Library and Inventory Management: Efficiently manage library memberships, book transactions, and inventory items.
  • Hostel and Transport Management: Manage hostel rooms, transport vehicles, and associated members.
  • Visitor Management System: Keep track of visitors with a token print option for enhanced security.
  • Admission Enquiries and Complaint Records: Record and manage admission inquiries and address complaints effectively.
  • Language Translation and Localization: Customize language preferences and settings for internationalization.
  • Dynamic User Roles and Permissions: Create and manage user roles with customizable permissions for secure access control.
  • Bulk Import and Export: Streamline data management with bulk import and export options.
  • Various Reports Generation: Generate comprehensive reports for academic, financial, and administrative analysis.
  • Separated Student Login and Reports Panel: Provide students with secure login access to view their academic records and progress.
  • Dynamic Website Management: Manage and customize the institution’s website dynamically.
  • Front Website for Academy: Present a user-friendly front website for the academy to showcase information and updates.
  • And Many More: HiTech includes numerous other features to ensure a complete and efficient academic management system tailored to the unique needs of educational institutions.
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