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ColibriSM – The Ultimate Social Network PHP Script


ColibriSM is a cutting-edge PHP script designed as a contemporary platform for sharing diverse media content, akin to popular social networks like Twitter and Instagram. Packed with an array of features, it offers a dynamic user experience with modern design elements and a responsive interface. Here are the key aspects that define ColibriSM:

  • Progressive Web App (PWA) Compatibility: Allows users to access the platform seamlessly across various devices with a user experience similar to a native app.
  • Sleek and Responsive Design: The platform boasts an aesthetically pleasing and contemporary interface that adapts smoothly to different screen sizes and devices.
  • Affiliate System: Provides opportunities for users to engage in an affiliate program, potentially earning rewards for driving traffic or promoting the platform.
  • Post Sharing and Reposting System: Enables users to share and repost content within the platform, fostering engagement and content circulation.
  • Post Privacy Settings: Offers users control over the privacy of their posts, allowing them to customize who can view their content.
  • User Report System: Equips users with a mechanism to report inappropriate or violating content, ensuring a safer and regulated community environment.
  • Chat System: Facilitates real-time communication between users through an integrated messaging system.
  • User Block/Unblock System: Allows users to manage their connections by blocking or unblocking other users as needed.
  • Notifications System: Keeps users informed about activities related to their profile, posts, or interactions within the platform.
  • User Profile Customization: Enables users to personalize their profiles with information and media, fostering individuality.
  • Robust Admin Panel: Provides administrators with powerful tools to manage the platform efficiently and oversee user activities.
  • Voice Recorder: Offers the functionality to record and share audio content directly within the platform.
  • Day and Night Modes: Gives users the option to switch between light and dark themes for a personalized viewing experience.
  • Like and Comment System: Enables interaction and engagement with content through likes and comments.
  • Follow/Unfollow Feature: Allows users to follow or unfollow other users to curate their feed and connections.
  • Single Page Application (SPA) Loading: Enhances user experience by ensuring smooth and fast page transitions.
  • Import GIFs from Internet: Lets users import GIFs from the internet to include in their posts or messages.
  • Emoji System: Integrates emojis to add expressions and emotions to interactions within the platform.
  • SEO-Friendly Optimization: Ensures that the platform is optimized for search engines, potentially improving visibility and discoverability.
  • Ads System: Includes a system for incorporating advertisements, providing potential monetization opportunities.
  • Amazon S3 and Wasabi S3 Storage: Integrates support for these storage solutions for efficient and scalable data handling.
  • Multi-Language Support: Offers the platform in multiple languages to cater to a diverse user base.

ColibriSM presents a comprehensive suite of features aimed at creating an engaging and versatile social networking experience.


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